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Where is the designer’s creativity and developer’s logic?

This is the universal truth that designers are known for their creativity and developers are for their logics. That is why we hire them these people and not hire any neighbourhood guy who just has finished his school and recently studied the photoshop from some online resources, more over doing some research on wordpress and other cms systems.

As creativity and logics are two mandatory sections for a designer and a developer respectively. But now a days week professionalism or you can say work culture makes it very apart from real things. YES I am taking about the outsourcing on hourly basis; it is bit unstructured the way of working of both designers and developers.

Scene 1:

A man from third world country connects with you via some online IT business outsourcing sites (I will not mention name of that) and asks you how much time you will take to make a logo for my business. You say this will take minimum 8 hours to present the first initial concept. Then that man replies can you not show me 2 logo concepts in next couple of hours please, as I want to see my logos before going to bed. Now this is very critical situation even you can’t argue on that. Some designers will reject to do this but unfortunately most of will agree to work accordingly, especially Asian designers.

Scene 2:

Similarly here’s the conversation between a developer and a client.

Client: Why you have spend 5 hours more on that submission form, although it was working fine.

Developer: Yes sir, it was working fine but by a lengthy and messy code. I was trying to reset it logically. So that in future if I or any other developer works on it, both of us feel comfortable while doing changes in it.

Client: It was already working perfectly. Who cares about backend logics and why you are worried about future changes. You have wasted 5 hours of our project without any reason. You have to refund me these hours otherwise I will end up the contract.


On hourly basis jobs, everybody is caring about only hours not for the creative work and logical codes. Designers and developers need to give only record of their hours logged and work done. There is no for thinking and making concepts. Widely it is not a good way of working. You can’t restrict specially a designer under any boundaries. For example: A logo design needs a deep brand research, color research. But nobody can justify these researches in hours. It can be done in 8 hours or may be in 2 days as well. Client will not allow you to waste hours on these types of works. Client just needs screen shots of your screen while designing or programming that’s all.


The only solutions I have seen after a long research to overcome these types of fussy conditions is to have a very strong portfolio. Then you can justify your each and every minute of your creative process or development process by giving examples. I think a good client after your presentations on real facts of designing will never hesitate to pay you even not for extra long hours.
Now the other fact is that a strong and good portfolio is built after a passage of time. It means if you’re a new bee in web development or graphics designing and looking for work from these online outsourcing sites then you have to pass from this bad lap. So good luck for that :)

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