Case Study: Logo Design Process of ‘Nationwide’

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Client’s Requirement

This client is based in Shanghai, China and has a real estate business name ‘Nation Wide’. She deals in both sale/purchase of commercial and residential properties. Though she was in China but her most of clients are from western countries and she had mentioned me this in our first session. So she wanted a really dynamic and trends following logo, which shall meet the latest fashion and business style. Apart from this, as she was a Chinese so she also wants to initiate it with logo to tell world that ‘Yes! We’re a Chinese real estate company’.


Brain Storming

In my first session with client I was understood that this client is going to be very tricky. She is living in China and loves her culture. But professionally she wants to please her western clients. So logo should be a mixture of western fashion plus Chinese art.

In first round I need a font that should well suits to name and profession. Need a thick font to show real estate strength and also a trendy and dynamic look. Then I found ‘Bauhaus 93’. After some modifications, it became perfect according to need.

In second round of research I studied Chinese architecture because Nationwide is a real estate company. This was the main area where I need a good start. I was fully aware of western real estate trends in logo designing. Here my target was to initiate both worlds in one sentence ‘Nation Wide’. As company name suggests – The local business globally. It was very urgent to revolve around china as much as possible. After studying the Chinese architecture I realized that curved shape roof top buildings are the main part of architecture which is followed by Chinese people for more than ten centuries. So now I have decided to include this element in logo. I had tried various shapes of it individually and with molding with various alphabets of name ‘Nationwide’.


After adding a Chinese architecture now I need to add one more symbol but very strong. So I added four stars from Chinese national flag. In Chinese national flag these four stars are hovering around a big star but in logo it hovering around ‘e’ of wide in the end. I put same yellow color of stars from Chinese flags.



Final Concept

After this whole research and development I came up with following concept. Blue and Grey colors are already selected brand colors of client.



Logo on Different Backgrounds



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