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Haman Science and technology predecessor is the source of Pharmaceutical packaging materials co., LTD, Was established in 2005, the headquarters is located in the beautiful coastal city of Ningbo. Haman after ten years of development, has become a leading domestic sample bottle suppliers and manufacturers, and in the sample bottle and PTFE/silica composites also occupies a certain position in the application.

Haman Independent research and development design of PTFE/silica composite materials are widely used in industry analysis and test, to break the domestic chromatograph sample used in the field of sample pad completely rely on imports of the situation; At the same time the company has developed dozens of peripheral products in the field of experimental materials. The company now has a level 100000 dust-free purification production workshop and international research, advanced production equipment, can satisfy the products in this field in the development and production of high precision, high cleanliness requirements, product quality in full compliance with international standards.?For some problems to find innovative solutions is terminal laboratory consumables company the most concern. Our employees working to develop is to adapt to the market quality and affordable products to the domestic market segmentation, to help improve the quality of testing, and we have a certain price advantage, greatly reducing the customer testing costs generated by the quality control of costs, has helped build the stability of the sample bottle market in China.