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okokokokok Ningbo Hamai new sample bottles came out

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Ningbo Hamai the 2014-08-19 original
Ningbo Hamai instrument technology co., LTD., company is one specialized is engaged in the laboratory instrument, chromatography consumables of scientific research, design, production, sales and system integration for the integration of production-oriented enterprises. Production and sales of products mainly include all kinds of automatic into the bottle, the top empty bottle and cap cushion; Teflon with silicone compound gasket; Teflon/silica gel products. Company products are exported to Europe and the United States, Asia, Africa and other parts of the world. New sample bottle today, has many advantages, is worth you to choose.

Product features:
1. PP polypropylene plastic material, and even contact with organic solvents can not deformation, some of the organic glass on the market is better than the sample bottle shelf
2. Designed for storing chromatographic sample bottle design, either empty or full sample bottles can be security and stability of stacked, use less space.
High performance/price ratio,
3, the price is less than half the price of imports.
4. A separate mould manufacturing, the composite products.

The advantage of the new sample bottle rack:
1) high temperature resistant, up to 180 ℃
2) the beautiful, have a figure to prove that
3) can be stacked, reducing the storage space, regular sex good, to prevent the slide
4) both sides put the bottle, cap and put among prevent cap lost due to the place in the experimental process, convenient and practical
5) hole groove can be printed on the company logo (one-time for orders over 100), according to your order quantity, can give a discount
6) with international standards, domestic also did not have that several sample bottle rack, and the future market is considerable

Looking at so many baby pictures, what are you waiting for, now make a phone call for the new samples order 0574-28850793 rack, buy more preferential oh,, serve you wholeheartedly.
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