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Hamai new sample cap cushion sold

hits:1129    date:2015-05-23
Ningbo Hamai instrument technology co., LTD., company is one specialized is engaged in the laboratory instrument, chromatography consumables of scientific research, design, production, sales and system integration for the integration of production-oriented enterprises. We, not just the production, we are also design their own products, on the premise of guarantee quality sample bottle, also the pursuit of perfection, in the packaging as long as you want to say, we can help you do it. According to the needs of customers, we launched a new sample cap cushion.
1 imported polypropylene material, resistant to high temperature and high pressure;
2 precise screw design perfect match the bottle;
Lid 3 can be used to distinguish different test substances, convenient subjects;
4 writing date to mark the bottle of the same material testing time;
5 according to customer's requirement, can choose a variety of color;
6 relative to ordinary bottle more beautiful. 
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