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Product parameters:
Size: the bottle (11.6 * 32 mm);  
Matching: gasket (Φ 9 * 1.5 mm); The lid (Φ 11 mm, center hole 6 mm)
Material: the bottle (glass); Gasket (PTFE/silica gel); The lid (polypropylene)
Gasket and heat-resistant: 60-200 ℃
Gasket performance: acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance, resistance to sticky
Packing: packed in bottle: box (100 / box)

HM - 3375: transparent jaw bottle sample
HM - 0543: transparent jaw sample bottle with writing
HM - 0544: transparent bayonet sample bottles
HM - 0546: transparent bayonet sample bottle with writing
HM - 0548: brown jaw bottle sample
HM - 3376: brown jaw sample bottle with writing
HM - 0547: brown bayonet sample bottles
HM - 0545: brown bayonet sample bottle with writing
Classic matching cover pad combination
HM - 1210: opening assembling silver aluminum cover, white PTFE/red silicone pad
HM - 0550: ecru polypropylene opening bracket cover, white PTFE/red silicone pad
(consulting more necessary cover pad combination, please contact us)
Material description:
samples of glass bottles according to different materials can be divided into two kinds, a kind of for domestic borosilicate, a hydrolysis glass for imports level, in order to meet the requirements of different customers, specifications for 11.6 * 32 mm.
Standard GC, HPLC with sample bottle, jar, 11 mm thread mouth, that can be used for automatic sampling and sample storage. Can be used with 11 mm thread mouth cap insulation pad.
11-425 into the bottle, the bottle by colorless grade 1 or amber grade 1 type B borosilicate glass, with A writing labels, used in the sample identification.
Cap is made from high quality polypropylene, precise manufacturing tolerance, a controlled manufacturing environment. Gaskets are made of top quality PTFE/silica gel production, to ensure that the function of efficiency.  
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