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HM - 4455: transparent screw sample bottles

HM - 4455 - a: transparent screw sample bottles With writing


HM - 4453: brown screw sample bottle (borosilicate)

HM - 4452: brown screw sample bottle (hydrolysis level glass)

HM - 4452 - a: brown spiral mouth sample bottle Writing a scale (hydrolysis level glass)

Size: the bottle (15 * 45 mm);

Matching: gaskets (Φ 13 * 1.5 mm);

Matching: the lid (Φ 13 mm, center hole 8 mm)

Material: the bottle (glass); Gasket (PTFE/silica gel); The lid (polypropylene)

Gasket and heat-resistant: 60-200 ℃

Gasket performance: acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance, resistance to sticky

Packing: packed in bottle: box (100 / box)

Classic matching cover pad combination

HM - 4463: white silica gel pad, PTFE/red 13 mm black polypropylene lid center hole 8 mm

HM - 4465: ecru PTFE/ecru silica gel pad, 13 mm black solid pp cover

(more necessary cover pad combination, the specific details, please contact us)
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