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Products after-sales service solutions

In order to better serve the needs of users, do a good job in guiding use timely after-sales service, we are in line with "all the pursuit of high quality, high quality, customer satisfaction" for the purpose of the spirit. With "considerate service, reliable product quality" as the principle to the user to do the following commitments:

A, product quality commitment:

1, product manufacturing and testing are conform to the national standard.

2, the product tested in a professional testing personnel, ensure that the product of the indicators meet the needs of users.

3, our products are provided in the warranty period if there are quality problem, we are willing to assume corresponding responsibility.

Second, the delivery time commitment:

To ensure that our products according to user requirements provided by the time the goods sent to the designated place, if users have special requirements, need to be ahead of schedule, we can negotiate with the user, ensure timely meet the needs of users.

Third, if the goods provided by the vendor when unpacking the case, found you have any questions (including product damage), must be solved in the form of will be accepted by using: timely replacement goods and for new products.

Four, establish reasonable sales service management system and the system:

1, pre-sales service,, set up special sales service, the company will arrange related professionals responsible for product sales guidance, in accordance with the actual needs of users to provide the right product.

2, sale service. To prevent unnecessary loss caused by incorrect user, in the process of product use, the company will arrange the related technical personnel communication with the users for technical guidance. To ensure proper use of the product, allow the user to use safety.

3, after-sales service. Response maintenance services within 2 hours, 12 hours out user solutions, to make better products after-sales service work, receive user feedback problems in time, the company has specialized after-sales service telephone: 13616578060, has a record of professional answer and make feedback timely, and provide the method to solve the problem. If needed to the on-site guidance, the company will arrange related personnel to communicate with the user to the designated location timely guidance.

4, after-sales service declaration: our company services are provided by the service free of charge.