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Haman sample bottles and the material in detail

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Temperature coefficient of linear expansion refers to every change once, change the length of the glass, the lower linear expansion coefficient, glass can withstand the greater the temperature change.

The classification of the laboratory glass is USP (the United States pharmacopoeia) according to its water resistance.

[USP TYPE 1, grade A, 33 borosilicate glass ] hydrochloride is the chemically inert glass, widely used in the laboratory, especially the chromatographic analysis application. Class I glass is mainly composed of silicon and oxygen, contains sodium and trace boron, and its dissolution, linear expansion coefficient is 33

[The USP TYPE 1 B, 51 borosilicate glass ] hydrochloride is mainly composed of silicon and oxygen, containing trace amounts of boron, sodium and more than A grade glass content of alkali metal, but still can meet the laboratory use, all brown glass is B glass, the linear expansion coefficient of 51

Silanization or bioactive glass [is] after organic silicon alkylation was carried out on the glass to active treatment of borosilicate glass hydrochloride, its glass surface has a strong hydrophobicity and inertia, suitable for PH sensitive compounds, trace analysis and sample storage for a long time.

[USP TYPE 11111 and NP ] [soda-lime glass, borosilicate glass is better than chemical resistance

Polypropylene (polyprolene, pp) [is] a hard material, can be processed into a variety of colors and good chemical resistance, suitable for short-term storage of much of the laboratory chemicals. When using aromatic hydrocarbon or halogenated hydrocarbon its tolerance over time. Due to low ion content and use acid and deionized water to clean.

[ poly methylpentene (polyprolene, TPY) ]is a hard, transparent material, high melting point, the use range of 0-170 ℃, high transparency, hesitation TPX alternative opaque PP sample. The chemical resistance is similar to PP, TPX sample bottles are usually used for sample or high temperature use cases, TPX sample bottles of brittle at room temperature.


Ningbo Haman is specialized is engaged in the chromatography consumables of scientific research, design, production, sales and system integration for the integration of production-oriented enterprises, is composed of a number of years engaged in physical and chemical analysis, chromatographic analysis of professional personnel, professional technical support and diligent after-sales service won the trust of users, production and sales of products mainly include all kinds of automatic into the bottle, the top empty bottle and its cover pad of form a complete set; Teflon with silicone compound gasket; Teflon/silica gel products. Company products are exported to Europe and the United States, Asia, Africa and other parts of the world, and established long-term good relations of cooperation, is China's leading sample bottle suppliers and manufacturers.

Chromatographic analysis, automatic filling bottles of characteristics, unique design of thread screw half a circle will guarantee the seal

• 9 mm to 22 mm large opening, provide more convenient for automatic sampler

• Ptfe/rubber or ptfe/silicone rubber pad, soft seal, very durable

• Assembled, caps and septa, convenient and direct use

• Write, take place, convenient tag (optional)

• Agilent, apply, Waters, all sorts of model such as Varian and island ferry automatic sampler

• Bottleneck size precision, ensure the automatic sampler fetching and correct

• Flat, guarantee and lining tube to match

Super net packing, partial shipments of imports

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