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Haman Invites agents

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?Excellent brand is introduced:
Ningbo, instrument technology co., LTD., established in 2005; Is located in ningbo yinzhou district, is China's leading sample bottle suppliers and manufacturers, is a professional engaged in chromatography consumables of scientific research, design, production, sales and system integration for the integration of production-oriented enterprises. Is composed of a number of years engaged in physical and chemical analysis, chromatographic analysis of professionals. The professional technical support and after-sales service won the trust of users, assiduously production and sales of products mainly include all kinds of automatic into the bottle, the top empty bottle and its cover pad of form a complete set; Teflon with silicone compound gasket; Teflon/silica gel products. Company products are exported to Europe and the United States, Asia, Africa and other parts of the world, and established long-term good relations of cooperation.
After these years of research and development and efforts, through multiple scientific research departments, both at home and abroad, quality supervision and inspection institute, at the same time with international brands: agilent, walter, island ferry companies such as technique exchanges and learning, we successfully developed laboratory equipment for various models: automatic into the bottle, empty bottles. Storage bottle, bottle of mobile phase solvent. Including automatic into the bottle, top empty bottles: applicable to Agilent Agilent, Waters, Waters, Beckman Beckman, Varian Varian, Shimadzu island ferry, Dione x Diane, Finnigen fini root, Gison gill, LKB, Thermo thermoelectric chromatographic instrument and domestic automatic sampler.

?For the agent's advantage:
1 the spread of integrated marketing network, can maintain customers, ensure sales
2 systematic, nanny guidance and support of business
3 marketing points around the nearby order, can save freight cost
4 more to ensure the quality of the product, can avoid the breakage of the product as a result of the process of long distance transport, and so on and so forth
5 marketing point source of stability in the region, all over the country have us, cooperation partner
6 product quality assured, with agilent, island ferry and other well-known brands of the same quality, we, on the basis of constantly improve and innovate again
7, has its own research and development team, clean workshop, constantly blaze new trails, also have their own patented products
8, is a developing company, also because of this, we can better meet the needs of customers, more competitive on the product quality and service
?We, :
Mahmoud - one of the largest chromatographic sample bottle supplier in China, in the coming days, the motivational ahmed will make independent brands, to join will inject a new strength for us and for you is also a long-term investment, we need you,. Interested parties please call, looking forward to your calls, if you are the one, thank you.