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The ordering guide

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⇒Quick order way:
1 to call me, our customer service representative from Monday to Saturday, 8 PM to 5 PM every day 30, ready to answer your phone, please call contact 0574-28853126 or 0574-28850793
2 give us fax, 0574-28850793-609
3 email,
4 also can enter the alibaba net (, you can find any product you need on the Internet, online order, order, order inquiries, convenient and reliable
 Special offers:
Chromatographic sample bottles, easy access to the top empty bottles, filling bottles and other products of premium discount information, just visit, can be found that most new preferential activities. Remember to always refer to our website, because we will update this page at any time.

⇒About delivery time:
Part of the product for production after receiving the order, please consult our company about delivery time

⇒About goods return:
In order that we have as thoughtful as possible, our company in principle error caused by the return of the decline is not my company. Due to reasons to return, please within 10 days to deal with, sometimes need a certain return fee, please understanding.

bout special specifications of products:
My company to receive the standard transformation, special specifications of product design and production, please inform me in advance if necessary.

Processing range:
Pieces of glass products series Such as: glass reagent bottles, chromatographic sample bottle, packing bottle, schering bottles, mobile phase, special glass bottle, special size...
Mixer chromatography consumables series Such as: PTFE/silicone gaskets, needle filter, rubber plug, butyl composite, special metal cover, special polypropylene cover...