It’s always been seen a paramount role of graphic designers in US Presidential Elections. Either it is the promotional material design or a vital logo, website design. In this article, we’re going to showcase the various logo designs of major candidates, who are going to run for US Presidency 2016. You will notice a sleek elegant touch of each candidate’s personality in his/her logo design. It shows how much effort have been put by designers to design these election identities.

  1. Jeb Bush

    Jeb (younger brother of former President George W. Bush) has tried to make logo more on his personality. He doesn’t want to show his BUSH family legacy in logo design. But a self centric approach clearly shows in logo design.

  2. Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Clinton
    Hillary is most famous presidency candidate among all. But unfortunately her logo is not. Although her branding campaign is handled by Wendy Clark of Coca Cola but it doesn’t give that expression of trust. Some people gave it very poor response on internet. You can read here more.

  3. Ben Carson

     Ben Carson
    Ben Carson is foremost black candidate for US Presidency in 2016 elections. I hope you got the point of brown color in logo, which is leading America. In my opinion instead of branding ‘A’ of America, designer should brand ‘C’ of Carson, which would give more patriotic look.

  4. Ted Cruz

    Ted Cruz
    Well, Ted Cruz chosen a very safe approach of branding. Simple US flag colors and a traditional icon. I am not sure how critics will take the cropping star in logo icon, which is looking very awkward.

  5. Carly Fiorina

    Carly Fiorina
    So here comes my favorite design. I loved it’s sleekness and typeface. The only problem with this logo is there is not centralized element. Carly’s name should be focal point of logo.

  6. Mike Huckabee

    Mike Huckabee
    We have seen a very few logos with proper tag line. Mike’s logo has not any new feel and touch. It looks like premature version of Obama’s 2012 logo.

  7. George Pataki

    George Pataki
    Although the logo is very simple but it still has that impact, which a great logo design has. Like it has a good focal point on name and a giving a lasting impression due to placement of elements in logo.

  8. Rand Paul

    Well, again a example of self centric approach in logo design. In-fact Logo for Rand Paul is more dynamic than Jeb. Typeface and color combination giving it a very energetic look.

  9. Rick Perry

    Rick Perry
    Again a traditional style logo. ‘P’ in circle is attempting to combine with another element like Hillary’s logo did. But in Perry’s case it goes little wrong. The star looks like it’s been slapped on top of the ‘P’, and the two elements are fighting each other visually.

  10. Marco Rubio

    Marco Rubio
    Pros of the this logo design is very good typeface and colors. Con of this logo design is using the USA country map by replacing the tiny dot of ‘I’ in name. US is big country and specially when you’re going to run for presidency elections, this kind of sins never pardoned. Also map shape will loose it’s identity when the logo goes small in branding.

  11. Rick Santorum

    Rick Santorum
    Typeface and balancing of text is good but not sure about that eagle illustration. It’s definitely not going with that typos. But overall a nice try!

  12. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump
    This is the saddest logo design among all candidates. Although Donald Trump is very business minded person, I am not sure why he lacks behind in very important branding. Logo has not any impression of trust. Very generic.