From past few days, whenever I ask to my clients that what sort of look and feel they are looking for in their website template, then they intimately says “a WOW feel”. No any specific color, No any specific layout… Just need a WOW feel. Now what the hell is this WOW factor in design? How is it possible to make it in design when client is unable express his requirement clearly in terms of colors and layout?

At that time I thought, it’s time for brainstorming on “WOW Factor” and the points I came to know in this R & D. I want to share with you.

Here’s points that embed WOW factor in any web design

  1. Colors of website
  2. Beautiful navigation hover and active effects
  3. Large background images
  4. Using physical media
  5. Proper Use of Typo-graphics
  6. Interactivity of buttons and images etc
  7. Image slideshows and sliders
  8. Flash animated characters & visualizations
  9. Beautifully integrated modal boxes

These above mentioned 8 points are sufficient to create a WOW factor in web design. Apart from these there are also might be some others factors as well. But majorly are these. Now I will illustrate these points with live examples.


1. Apple

Apple web site has WOW feel in its minimalistic design and simplicity. More over their navigation style is world famous. How the buttons appear, how they show some inner shadow when user hovers over on these and the active (focus) effect by de-embossing the buttons is awesome. Whenever user uses this system, itself from heart a WOW feel come up.


2. Analog

Beautiful monochromatic color scheme gives it WOW feel. Just hover over Mug Shots in content another WOW factor you will see. This image interactivity is done by using jQuery.



3. Billy’s Diner

Graphics made in this website are so beautiful and according to theme and business. Red color on pale yellow giving it a perfectly stand out appearance. But if we talk about the WOW factor then that will be “Parallax Effect” in header. When we hover over banner and move cursor around you can see this effect. For more information about this technology in Graphic Motion Designing you can learn here:

Billy's Dinner


4. Xhtml CSS Expert

As I have mentioned in Fourth point using Physical Media Imaginary can give a good and perfect WOW look to your website. Xhtml CSS Expert is great example of this. They have used clothes, jeans pocket and cutter in such a beautiful manner as visitor definitely stays on website for more while.

Xhtml CSS Xpert


5. Silwia Photography

This is great example of large background and big typography. As you see a beautiful large photo in background and of course in proper manner giving it a warm look. More over text written on it, is completely stand out. You can check more this type websites at

Silwia Photography


6. Ola Interactive Agency

Ola Interactive Agency’s website is made in flash. The employes introduction page and dancing intro of one employee gives a great WOW feel. Due to made in flash every graphic element is interactive. Sound in background is also a major factor of that feeling.

Ola Interactive Agency


7. Traffik

At first glance, the website background just has a normal bokeh design. Try moving your mouse around it and the fun begins.



Hope my this research help you to come with WOW factor in your next web design project. Don’t forget to give comments and suggestions to this post. Good Day :)